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WHAT'S ON AT ALBANOVA! (From the AlbaNova Agenda)

Monday November 03, 2014
Seminar Room FA32
  Propagation of gamma-rays over intergalactic distances: A Probe for cosmology and new physics
Manuel Meyer (Oscar FR4, Oskar Klein Auditorium Center)
Nordita Astrophysics Seminar Room (122:026)
  Supersymmetric Wilson loops and the Bremsstrahlung function in N=6 Super Chern-Simons with matter
Luca Griguolo (University of Parma)
Tuesday November 04, 2014
Seminar Room FA32
  Status of MSSM in light of Dark Matter and Collider Searches
Nazila Mahmoudi (CERN)
Wednesday November 05, 2014
Nordita Astrophysics Seminar Room (122:026)
  Bipolar magnetic spots from dynamos in stratified spherical shell turbulence
Sarah Jabbari (Nordita & Stockholm University)
Thursday November 06, 2014
Seminar Room FA32
  All optical beam steering in chiral nematic liquid crystals
Prof. Miroslaw Karpierz ( Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology)
FR4, Oskar Klein Auditorium auditorium
  Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Katherine Freese (NORDITA)
Friday November 07, 2014
Nordita Astrophysics Seminar Room (122:026)
  Particle Growth in Turbulent Aerosols
11:15   Climate dynamics of exotic exoplanet atmospheres
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert (University of Chicago)
  PHD THESIS: Cosmological models, nonideal fluids and viscous forces in general relativity
Daniele Gregoris (Stockholm University, Department of Physics)